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About Fortemix Products

Dry Shakes for Fortedur Industrial Floors

We produce Fortedur dry shakes for new industrial floors, which are to be applied on fresh concrete floors by the method of dry onto wet (formerly called armoured floors). Fortedur dry shakes are divided into categories according to filling materials and these are related to a possible load rate of industrial floors with this concrete floor treatment.

Thin-Layer Poured Screeds Fortedur for Floor Refurbishment

For both new and old industrial floors, we produce thin-layer poured screeds Fortedur Wet applied on both fresh concrete floors and older concrete floors. Fortedur Wet screeds are applied on fresh concrete floors mainly if they are storage halls or if a higher stress is put on floor aesthetics, above all with coloured options of screeds. Thin-layer poured screeds are mainly intended to repair floors, including their refurbishment and renewal if the floor already performs poorly or is delaminating or if it is otherwise degraded.

Fortelock Plastic Tiling

If immediate refurbishment of a floor is necessary, you can use Fortelock plastic floors with interlocks for loose installation. Fortelock-tiled PVC floor is suitable for production halls, warehouses and as floors for garages or tiling for garages, as sports floors or floors for interiors.

FormulaForte Coatings for Concrete

Chemically-cured and aesthetically-treated industrial floors are created by application of the world-unique FormulaForte coatings for concrete intended for aged concrete floors. These coatings for concrete provide curing of industrial floors by a chemical change of concrete floor soft particles into highly resistant compounds. Floor curing and its treating are used mainly for the refurbishment of floors, their reconstruction or repair if it is not necessary to re-profile their surfaces.  


Fornivel Self-Levelling Screeds for Quick Repairs to Floors

If quick repair to floors, above all industrial floors, is necessary, we have developed Fornivel self-levelling screeds. Fornivel self-levelling material is intended for various concrete floors as a final layer of an industrial floor or as a subfloor layer under epoxy screeds or polyurethane screeds. Fornivel levelling material is used mainly for repairs to concrete floors or for refurbishment of floors or their renewal.  


Why Shop With Us?

Client First

Because the building material market of industrial floors is so highly competitive, the only option is to do our best for our client.  

Improvement for You with No Surcharges

Our materials (dry shakes, screeds, self-levelling screeds) contain the additives ASA and CRYX, which significantly lowers volume changes, thus decreasing the forming of micro-cracks, which is important for both new and renewed floorings, their refurbishment as well as repair. Furthermore, SILICA EFFECT changes the applied product into a completely compact whole, which is more valuable. FormulaForte contains patent-protected components for chemically curing concrete floors, and the unique pure silicates significantly increase the quality of the concrete floor treatment. These improving components of our products for industrial floors are offered without any additional surcharges.  


State-of-the-art Production

Knowledge gained through past business activities and our experienced professionals have enabled us to build state-of-the-art and efficient production lines for materials of industrial floors and concrete floors in general. These lines produce our dry shakes, screeds and self-levelling screeds. The automated computerized control system receives recipes only and then it controls the whole production process from the magazine to the palletizing machine by itself. The human factor is thus reduced to a minimum and our products can form a strong basis for your new floor and they may serve for repairing, refurbishing and renewing floors.  

Quality of a Different Level

The above-mentioned reduction in the human factor and production in accordance with the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 guarantee significant reduction in failures in material production processes for industrial floors. In order to reduce other possibilities of non-conformance, we have established a very strict inspection system, both for feed and resultant materials using computer-controlled testing devices. These are, for instance, an abrasion resistance-measuring device constructed on the basis of an English method of BCA, a Vicat apparatus, a device for laser measuring of volume changes or, last but not least, a computer-controlled press for bending compression strength measuring. One of the inspection tools for our products is also an implemented system of production monitoring, which is immediately able to read all production and delivery information indicated on a bag with a product.

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